global rewards payment platform


Now a single account gives you access to many vendor rewards programs. You no longer need to sign up at many different places to receive rewards from multiple different manufacturers and suppliers. You can search and join the best paying programs and register to claim your rewards with a single signon. Manage your profile online one time for all paying companies, including all required information to ensure financial and tax compliance. Personalize your account with photos and status information. Share your success with friends and colleagues.


Receive rewards in the form of money to a VISA debit card, a Virtual Visa Card, Paypal, eGift Cards, eCash or coupons. You can choose which you would prefer or mix and match depending on which programs you have signed up for. Wherever you are in world, regardless of currency, you can receive your rewards.We ensure rapid and accurate payments and we provide you the relevant tax information and services to save you the work. Get alerts when you are paid, and track payments including successful, pending and declined. Spend your money online or wherever VISA or Mastercard is accepted.


As you receive rewards, we track your performance and show you who the top performing individuals, teams and companies are. We show you leaderboards and where you rank. Every payment is tracked in your account and you can check and make sure you received everything you should have. Drill down into the details of every payment to make sure it is correct, right down to individual transactions such as a sale, lead, meeting, training completion or sports result or whatever activity the program is rewarding.


Search and connect to other people and see how they are performing. Compare your performance using the leaderboards. Filter by month or year and see who is doing the best. Congratulate and share tips and tricks with friends and colleagues.