Vartopia-XTRM Webinar

Watch as Greg Reffner, Vartopia VP of Sales and Marketing, and XTRM CRO Max Grogan-Crane discuss how Vartopia used XTRM to better its business. This discussion is hosted by RenderTribe Founder, Peter Dean.

By watching this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How Vartopia transforms a Vendor’s CRM to:
    • capture and synchronize all pertinent data from initial deal registration through renewal of opportunity, tracking every touchpoint and KPI,
    • make smarter decisions, while the easy-to-use platform has no learning curve for partners—our deal registration process is likely already in place.
  • Why XTRM’s digital wallet architecture and global payments platform and APIs are the choice to be Vartopia’s payment engine to deliver rewards for their industry leading channel management platform.
  • Why Vartopia client Vendors have:
    • the ability to drive behavior at both the partner and sales rep level,
    • scalable capabilities for simple, easy to execute client implementations,
    • reduced admin burden for Vendor accounting teams who no longer have to chase tax documentation for partners.

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