Get The Referral

An XTRM Partner Success Story

Get The Referral

5 - 50x

Lightning fast ROI

Consumers prefer cash rewards


Consumers prefer cash rewards

Referral Payment Growth


Referral Payment Growth

Advocator Pay Powered by XTRM

XTRM Partner Success Story: Embedded Solution Partner


  •   Advocator mobile app with Advocator Pay Powered by XTRM
  •   Referral payment growth of 2,400% YoY
  •   Advocator Choice

Background (GTR) is the leading SaaS referral software provider for the solar and home improvements industry featuring branded mobile apps for customers and reps along with an integrated dashboard to track, convert and close leads and reward the advocates who provided them.

The Challenge

GTR recognized from the onset that we have entered the Age of Advocacy and the Age of Apps. That word-of-mouth recommendations which factor in up to 50% of customer buying decisions, could be turned into valuable leads through referrals made easy with mobile apps for advocates (sales reps and customers). Rewarding advocate referrals was core to the process. The design decision was to either build or outsource the payment functionality including the need for:

  •  A white-labeled experience within GTR’s app to handle
    •  Receiving referral reward funding from a customer source
    •  Making referral payments to advocates
  •  Automated workflows to trigger payments based on Referral status
  •  Choice of payment options including cash (preferred by 75%), prepaid Visa, digital gift cards
  •  Tax reporting as required for advocates receiving referral payments


GettheReferral fully integrated XTRM using XTRM APIs to fully embed a branded payment experience within GTR Advocator App:

  •  With the Advocator Mobile app with Advocator Pay, GTR Customers can automatically reward and engage with their Advocates.
  •  GTR Customers can configure the referral incentive amounts and status triggers to reward the qualified leads needed to grow their business.
  •  Advocate payments are automatically paid based on the business rules.
  •  Advocates can elect to receive funds in their Advocator Wallet in their payment form of choice: ACH transfer, prepaid Visa or from a selection of digital gift cards -- all from the Advocator mobile app.

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Get The Referral
Industries: SaaS, Software, Marketing
Founded: 2014
Company Size: 11-50 employees

Advocator Pay powered by XTRM is a competitive differentiator allowing us to provide choice and ease of use unmatched by others in our market.