Fastrak™ Results frequently asked questions
What is the XTRM Fastrak Results Program?
The XTRM national event organizer Fastrak™ Results program is aimed at all event promoters qualifying for contingency and performance awards for their attendees. All promoters running events receiving contingency or awards processed or awards via XTRM are required to become a secure 'Trusted Partner' and have a secure and activated XTRM promoter account. Event organizers will receive the XTRM Fastrak™ trusted partner approval and badge for their site and access to the XTRM Fastrak™ Results site to rapidly upload results.
Why is this required?
Many manufacturers leverage the XTRM cloud platform to manage and process performance awards. This requires a very secure and controlled environment to avoid any fraudulent or inaccurate payouts. The payment process is very advanced, using a combination in coupon (manufacturer currency) and cash. Part of the process is the approval of results from event organizers. In order to ensure the quality of information, and the quality of the promoters being supported by the manufacturers, and to improve the automation and processing, promoters will need to have trusted partner status and a valid and activated account starting January 1 2012. XTRM will not be able to process payments to promoters who are not part of the Fastrak™ trusted partner program and have 'inactive' accounts.
What does 'Activation' mean?
Activation means your account is accurately set up, with correct information and your payment details are valid.
How much does it cost to become an activated and trusted partner?
$10 per month.
I already have an activated XTRM promoter account, is this an extra charge?
No. If your account is already active, there is nothing for you to do and no extra fees above what you are already paying.
Once activated, can I use other XTRM services?
Yes. All the online XTRM services are included with activated accounts. There is no extra fee for them. Those services include:
  • Contact Management
  • Membership Management
  • Event Registration
  • Coupon Marketing
  • Email Campaigns
  • Sponsor Search
  • Performance Payout
  • Athlete Sponsorship
How do I activate my event organizer account?
Simply login and click on the activate button. You will be prompted to enter you current payment details. New event organizers should create an account and activate in a similar manner.
I only run one event per year. How does this affect me?
Activation is only required if your events are receiving contingency or awards, regardless of how many events you run.
For more questions please call XTRM at 1.866.367.9289
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