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An XTRM Customer Success Story

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XTRM Customer Success Story


  •  High tech firm with over 50,000 customers globally and plenty of frustrated partners
  •  Worked with XTRM partner to integrate and implement new partner payment process with API functionality to send payments immediately upon claim approval.


Extreme Networks creates effortless networking experiences that enable all of us to advance. We push the boundaries of technology leveraging ML, AI, analytics, and automation. Over 50,000

customers globally trust our end-to-end, cloud-driven networking solutions and rely on our top-rated services and support to accelerate digital transformation efforts and progress like never before.

The Challenge

Partners were frustrated with payment delays; some fed back that they would no longer do business with Extreme. Long payment cycles; Rebate payments were often made up to a quarter late. For MDF, payments were made only twice a month. We had no visibility of the pre-funding balance held by previous payment processor. Approved claims were manually passed for payment; open to error. Significant Programs Team resource was tied up requesting, checking and entering bank details.

Partner had limited visibility of past payments; not easy to reconcile payments to claims.

Payment notifications had to be triggered manually by Programs Team. Our payment processes and timelines were outdated and did not deliver to partner expectation.


Our partner program platform provider, Channel Mechanics, worked with XTRM to integrate and implement API functionality which sends payment from Extreme Networks to the partner immediately upon claim approval.


Immediate payment on claim approval; enhanced visibility of payments for partners; significant reduction in internal time spent administering, managing and dealing with payments and payment queries.

We have halved the cost of disbursing payments whilst slashing the time to payment from weeks or months to minutes.

Industries: End-to-end cloud networking
Founded: 1996
Company Size: 2,500 employees

Extreme's adoption of XTRM has provided us with market-leading payment turnaround and differentiates Extreme from our competitors programs. We have turned our #1 programs pain point into a significant program strength.