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Kansas, USA
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ThunderHorse Racing
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Jan 24 2012 3:01PM
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Honda 250r, Honda CBR1000RR, Honda CBR 600rr
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Sep 11, 1982
Basehor, Kansas
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Focus: Motorcycle (Sport) >Flat Track >Road Racing >Off-road
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CCS/ASRA Heartland Park - Topeka - Heart of America CycleFest 1Apr 25, 2010Heavy weight super bike-3 Approved
CCS/ASRA CCS @ Heartland Park-Topeka 1Apr 25, 2009MiddleWeight SuperbikeThunderHorse RacingDNF Approved
Track Addix Track Addix 2008 Race Schedule 15Oct 04, 2008Middle Weight Superbike-7 Approved
Track Addix Track Addix 2008 Race Schedule 12Sep 07, 2008Middle Weight Superbike-9 Approved
Track Addix Track Addix 2008 Race Schedule 10Jun 22, 2008Middle Weight Superbike-10 Approved
Blue Star Motorcycles
Triune K-9 Training Academy
Vortex Racing
AXO America
GoPro Camera
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ThunderHorse Racing   Says
  SO READY FOR THE 2012 SEASON!!! 2011 was & still is a restructure & building year. Racer Luke Speakman, has made several lifestyle changes to benefit his racing program for positive results!! We have been training hard & are ready to line up on the grid in 2012!
Nov 30 2011 1:19PM 
Vicki Mitchell   Says
  ok enjoy. thanks for the order.
Apr 26 2011 5:03PM 
Vicki Mitchell   Says
  no problem. thanks for the heads up on the suit. let me know what size and i will check stock for you. you can contact us directly at the following email. axo
Apr 22 2011 10:09AM