Channel Mechanics

An XTRM Partner Success Story

Happier Customers

Happier Customers

Serving more than 100 companies
& 50,000 channel partners

Grow Revenue

Grow Revenue

500% YoY growth in partner payments

Lower Expenses

Lower Expenses

Reduced admin hours

500% YoY partner payments growth

XTRM Partner Success Story - SaaS Provider


  •  Serving more than 100 corporate customers & 50,000 channel partners
  •  Improved end-user experience
  •  Enhanced client retention
  •  Lower operational costs
  •  Enabled MDF payments, a new widely adopted service


Channel Mechanics is an Enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) provider that has developed a suite of Channel Incentive Program Management (CIPM) Solutions to help vendors manage and maximize sales through their channel.

The Challenge

As a leading SaaS channel automation solution provider, Channel Mechanics wanted to offer an improved payment experience for its CIPM platform and client portfolio featuring:

  •  A white labeled experience within Channel Mechanics platform to manage
    • -  Funding from Client source
    • -  Paying out to Partner Companies and Partners’ Reps
    • -  Taking advantage of revenue opportunity with
      the ability to process customers Rebates, Incentives and MDF program payments from within Channel Mechanics
  •  Global capabilities
    • -  Instant payments through multi-currency, digital wallet architecture so recipients are happier
    • -  Tax management for recipients receiving their channel incentive payments
    • -  Regulatory compliance
  •  Simple onboarding process and frictionless payments


Channel Mechanics integrated XTRM’s Intelligent Payments Platform, Wallet and APIs to offer their customers and advocates a branded payment experience within their platform

  •  Channel Mechanics branded experience powers both sending and receiving payments globally.
  •  Customers can now send payments to their channel partners simply by loading their wallet and paying out to partners, instantly.
  •  Partners can access their funds in the Channel Mechanics branded wallet and withdraw money in their chosen method: Bank Transfer, Prepaid Visa, Gift Card, or check.
  •  The white-labelled wallet also allows Channel Mechanics customers control and the ability to handle all payments to their partners from a centralized point.
  •  Partners can convert funds into their local currencies’ all within the XTRM white-labeled Channel Mechanics platform and transfer globally.


Channel Mechanics are now seamlessly using the XTRM payments functionality across a number of global customers to make payments to thousands of partners worldwide.

  •  More than 50 business customers use the Channel Mechanics payment functionality powered by XTRM to pay 50,000+ Partners annually.
  •  Over the past 12 months Channel Mechanics has seen more than a 500% increase in partner payments pass through its platform due in no small part to the simplified payment platform.
Channel Mechanics
Industries: SaaS, Software, Channel Marketing
Founded: 2011
Company Size: 11-50 employees

We love the integration. It simplifies the process for our clients, improves the user experience for their partners and, nearly as importantly, lowers operating costs.