An XTRM Partner Success Story

Happier Customers

Happier Customers

More choice drives improved user experience

Grow Revenue

Grow Revenue

Client growth and acquisition

Lower Expenses

Lower Expenses

Reduce client hours

Client Growth and Acquisition

XTRM Partner Success Story - Consulting

Highlights - Consulting Agency solution

  •  Turnkey payments integrated with any PRM Platform
  •  Increased transparency and simple fees
  •  Lower operational costs and reduced client hours
  •  Increased choices for improved user experience


As a global specialist in channel and partner networks serving 18 of the top 20 technology leaders, bChannels provides products that address companies’ channel needs for insights, partner segmentation and recruiting, partner marketing, and PRM managed services.

The Challenge

The bChannels’ PRM Managed Services team is responsible for helping Vendors monetize their PRM investments whatever the PRM platform that has been deployed. Making global payments was an area that had not lent itself to a de facto standard and that their global clients had long contended with the need for multiple systems and suppliers. The administrative burden associated with managing regional and country-specific regulatory and tax compliance further complicated the matter. bChannels wanted to offer a global payments solution that could meet or exceed the needs of its global client portfolio, reduce the client or agency overhead associated with managing the process and improve the partners’ user experience by providing:

  •   End-to-end payments solution for global partner payments - anyone, anywhere, in any currency,
  •   Regulatory compliance,
  •  Tax management for US based recipients receiving their channel incentive payments.


bChannels introduced the XTRM Intelligent Payments platform capabilities to their customers requiring global partner payment capabilities. These customers had long contended with the administrative burden associated with managing different currencies, regional and country-specific regulations. The new platform incorporated tax and regulatory compliance to support global and regional partner programs in multiple currencies while allowing bChannels customers to control and handle all payments to their partners from a centralized point:

  •  A client branded experience for making partner payments globally
  •  Clients can simply load their digital wallet to begin paying out to partners
  •   Partners can access their funds in their digital wallet to withdraw money in their local currency and their chosen method, such as:
    •  Bank Transfer (ACH/SWIFT)
    •  Check for US and Canada
    •  Prepaid Visa
    •  Digital gift cards
  •  Partners can convert funds into their local currencies all from within the XTRM platform and transfer funds globally.


bChannels can now offer its clients using virtually any PRM tool a compliant and automated global payment process within its strategic PRM Managed Services business. Clients can now readily deliver Company and Company Employee payments for any number of global channel marketing use cases including MDF, rewards and partner rebates to:

  •  Protect and grow its client portfolio of global technology leaders
  •  Attract new clients with expanded capabilities
  •  Turn payments from a client pain point to a profit center.
Industries: Consulting, IT Professional Services, Channel Marketing
Founded: 1999
Company Size: 101-500 employees

Our clients like the simplified processes and transparent pricing while improving the user experience for their partners receiving payments. And we’re happy to help our clients translate their cost savings into adding more partner impact.