XTRM Intelligent Payments API

Connect your business and embed XTRM’s global payment capabilities to facilitate money transfers, connect wallets, complete foreign exchanges and much more.

API capabilities

  • Embed our architecture to greatly simplify your current payment workflows.
  • Utilize our connected wallet architecture to handle C2B, B2B, or B2C payments globally.
  • Connect any platform to our global payment network.
  • Bank linking widget to easily capture and tokenize banking details.

Extended Capabilities

  • Receive and send global payments anywhere in the world.
  • Pay to beneficiary wallet for automated or self-service withdrawal.
  • Pay direct to beneficiary bank account.
  • Pay direct to over 150 gift cards, Virtual Visa, and Checks.

XTRM Benefits

  • Scalability: Mass payments via our platform or API.
  • Compliance: Keeps you fully compliant with global financial regulations.
  • Tax: Global and automated tax reporting.
  • Currencies: Over 120 currencies supported.
  • Low Fee FX: Currency Exchange at cost effective rates.
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XTRM AnySource

XTRM AnySourceTM

Receive Global Payments

Receive deposits from anyone,anywhere.



Make Global Payments

Manage global payments to anyone, anywhere. Multi-currency & FX exchange.



Global Payments API

Easy to deploy, embedded functionality.