XTRM Cryptocurrency

Manage the movement of monies and assure KYC compliance

Simplify moving customer monies in and out of your exchange.

  • Receive funds in over 30 fiat currencies.
  • Make payments in more than 120 fiat currencies to your customers all over the world.
  • White-labeled, your brand, our API’s.

Connect your cryptocurrency exchange and platform to XTRM’s global payment platform and API’s:

  • API and widget integration for customer self-serve.
  • Receive and send fiat monies to your customers and we handle the KYC.
  • Enable your customers to fund in USD and receive payment in their local currency.
  • Embed digital wallet architecture to facilitate your current payment workflows.

XTRM Benefits

  • Your Bridge to simplified global payments.
  • Scalability: Mass payments via our platform or API.
  • Compliance: Keep fully compliant with global financial regulations.
  • Currencies: Over 120 currencies supported.
  • FX: Currency Exchange for your customers at cost effective rates.
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XTRM AnySource

XTRM AnySourceTM

Receive Global Payments

Receive deposits from anyone, anywhere.



Make Global Payments

Easy to deploy, embedded functionality.



Global Payments API

Withdraw funds in multiple currencies. FX exchange functionality.