Company Profile

In 8 years XTRM has changed the way companies manage and reward employees, channel partners and athletes for performance. Through industry knowledge, automation, and advanced technology, XTRM brings significant ROI and process automation to all the parties involved from the individual performance award recipient right up to multi-national Global 100 companies.
What we do
Performance Management Network: XTRM is a unique system allowing companies of all sizes to easily manage performance payouts, sponsorship, events and promotions. Using modern cloud computing technology, XTRM allows companies to target employees, channel sales and athletes with managed awards and incentive promotions to promote sales and increase brand visibility. XTRM uniquely combines the latest social integration to maximize the brand value of all performance awards for both the company and the recipient. Companies then benefit from cost effective securely managed performance payouts, combined with powerful targeted social marketing.
On-line performance payout: XTRM provides automation of complex performance based payouts of cash, manufacturer currency, discounts and virtual products.
On-line e-coupon and email marketing: Uses virtual tracked electronic ecoupons to enable powerful online direct marketing to sales, channel partners, promoters and athletes.
Social Connect: Maximizes the brand marketing for the company and recipient using the latest in social connections and interaction with companies like facebook and twitter.
Event Management: Complete end to end online event management including event registration, membership management, results management, promotional email and e-coupon campaigns and timing and scoring.
Viral Event Promotion: Benefit from the community and viral promotion of your events that occur in the XTRM community and through links to other social networks.
History of XTRM
XTRM launches Channel Performance 4.7 and Event Managment 4.8 with enhanced mobile capability.
XTRM launches the Fastrak performance reward certification program. Expands business into sales and channel performance payouts.
Honda becomes the latest global 100 customer. XTRM Launches Promoter 4.5 and 4.6.
XTRM reaches over $6M in payouts. Pirelli becomes latest Global 500 customer.
XTRM reaches over 200 brands with over 300 events and series. BMW (Husqvarna) signed as first Global 100 customer.
XTRM announces over $2M paid out in performance payout, sponsorship, and promotions. XTRM reaches over 100 brands, including first Global 500 customer, Michelin.
XTRM announces first major OEM customer with KTM North America.
XTRM launches on-line cash and e-coupon contingency and performance payout services.

Did You Know?
  • Over $20M processed using XTRM
  • Over 500,000 event registrations taken online via XTRM
  • Over 200,000 people sponsored and paid via XTRM
  • Over $100,000 of value traded through XTRM
Who’s Using XTRM?
  • Over 1000 events and series paid out through XTRM
  • Over 400 companies paying, sponsoring and building communities with XTRM
  • Top powersports OEM's use XTRM
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