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Suzuki Contingency Program

Frequent Questions

Why has Suzuki introduced this program?
Suzuki would like to honor the racers placing on Suzuki motorcycles in select series. In order to streamline the process, and to reduce the time it takes for competitors to receive awards and payouts, Suzuki is using a 100% online service powered by XTRM Inc.

How do I sign up?
All that is required is an XTRM account and verification of your Suzuki motorcycle. Sign up in 2 easy steps!

I already have an XTRM account; do I need to do anything?
Yes. You still need to list your Suzuki vehicles within your XTRM profile for verification.

Do I need to re-register on the Suzuki signup page every year?
No. Once you have an active account at and have your profile 100% complete, you will be eligible for Suzuki contingency in subsequent seasons. You will need to be sure your vehicle information is current in your XTRM Profile and that your XTRM profile information is up-to-date each year. Please send email to [email protected] if you no longer wish to participate in the Suzuki contingency program.

How do I update my contact info?
If you need to update your contact information, please do so inside your account. Log in at and click the "Profile" link.

Will I receive an email confirmation?
You will receive an email confirmation once your XTRM account is created.

How do my winnings get paid?
All winnings are paid via XTRM AnyPay™ digital wallet . You can login to your XTRM account to view all transactions received.

Where do I find out for which events Suzuki is offering contingency and how much?
Go to

* Program details are subject to change without notice.

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Race Promoters: Apply now for next year's contingency program. [download application]
* Return no later than December 31, 2020