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Frequent Questions

Why has Honda made this upgrade to their program?
In order to improve the way competitors get paid, and to reduce the time to receive awards and payouts, Honda is using a 100% online service powered by XTRM Inc.

How do I sign up?
All that is required is an XTRM Pro account and verification of your Honda vehicles. Sign up in 3 easy steps!
Competitors must have a completed 2013 IRS W-9 form on file. Complete and mail to:

I already have an XTRM account; do I need to do anything?
You still need to complete the Honda enrollment form to be eligible. We will make sure your account is migrated to a PRO account if it is not already.

I already have a Honda Red Rider Rewards Card; do I need to do anything?
Yes. You must still complete the Honda enrollment process to be eligible and receive electronic deposits from XTRM. All payouts will go to your exisiting Honda Red Rider Rewards card.

Do I need to re-register on the Honda signup page every year?
No. Once you have an active Pro account at and have had your signed and competed form W9 received by Honda, you will be eligible for Honda contingency in subsequent seasons. You will need to be sure your vehicle information is current in your XTRM Profile. Please send email to if you no longer wish to participate in the Honda contingency program.

Do I need to add my results to XTRM to get awards and payments?
We recommended that you to add your results to assist in getting paid more quickly and to keep your resume up to date which increases your rank in the system. However, for the majority of events you will get paid even without adding your results. Click to see how to add a result: How to Add Results

How do I update my contact info?
If you need to update your contact information, please do so inside your account. Log in at and click the "Edit Profile" button.

Will I receive an email confirmation?
You will receive an email confirmation once your XTRM Pro account is created or if you already have an account, upgraded from a PLUS or Standard Account.

How do my winnings get paid?
All winnings are paid to a Visa Debit Card (Not a credit card), mailed to you direct from Citi. This can be used anywhere VISA is accepted. You can login to your XTRM account to view all transactions.

What card will I receive?
Honda has opted to pay contingency awards to a Honda Branded Visa Card. You will receive this in the mail, direct from Citi, once your XTRM Pro account is set up and you receive your first cash contingency award. If you already have a valid Honda Red Rider Rewards card, continue using your existing card. You will not receive a new card until you have reached the expiration date.

Where can I spend the money?
Anywhere VISA is accepted. Remember it is NOT a credit card. The only fees that apply are if you donít use the card for 3 months. This is an inactivity fee applied by Citi. No credit card interest fees apply.

When I login to XTRM, why isnít my promoter listed in the system?
Promoters use XTRM for managing events, registration, members and much more. It is not a requirement for them to use XTRM promoter services for you to receive awards and contingencies. If a promoter is not using XTRM, you will still receive awards if their event is approved for the official contingency program.

When I login to XTRM, why arenít the events I compete in listed in the system?
It is not a requirement for the promoters to use XTRM services in order for you to receive awards and contingencies for their events. If they are not using XTRM, you will still receive awards if their event is approved for the official contingency program.

Where do I find out for which events Honda is offering contingency and how much?
Go to

What else does XTRM do?
XTRM provides performance payouts and exclusive sponsor discounts to sports and online gaming competitors of all abilities.

  • Main features are:
    • Real time cash payouts to branded Visa Card
    • 1000ís of exclusive online savings and discounts
    • Fully verified results management
    • Get sponsored with cash and awards
    • Manage online profile
    • Full community, friends, teams, communities and more
    • Advanced online event registration
  • For more information about XTRM, please call XTRM Inc at 1.866.367.9289

* Program details are subject to change without notice.

Race Promoters: Apply now for next year's contingency program. [download application]
* Return no later than December 31, 2013