Advertise with XTRM

Advertise with XTRM
Action sports are more than just sports, they are a lifestyle. This lifestyle drives peer groups, music, brands the audience identifies with to the clothing they wear. The action sport audience is more likely to purchase products from sponsors and companies that are directly supporting their favorite sports and athletes.
Reach the elusive action sports audience with targeted, consistent messages.XTRM reaches the fans and athletes at every touch point. Reaching them where they live and, on TV, at events and at retail.
Fast stats
Spending power of $124 billion
Fastest growing age group: over 60 million between the ages of 10-24
Action sports rank higher than baseball, football and soccer
85% are online, online 9+ hours per week
75% male
Spend their free time emulating and watching action sports
200,000 members
1000s of brands and companies
1000s of photos, videos and blogs
Live metrics
Advertising opportunities
Online Advertising
  • Standard online ad units offered throughout the XTRM network
  • Monthly member newsletter sponsorship
  • XTRM LIVE online advertising and sponsorship
  • Rich media advertising
  • Sport category sponsorship. Check out the BMX, Skate, Moto and Surf communities
Community microsites
Above and beyond our general community offering, our team will work with you to develop your own microsite within theXTRM member framework.
Check out KTM's site >>
General community pages
Every company and promoter in our system has an auto generated community page. Our team can help you customize and promote your community throughout the XTRM social network.
Check out an example for American Honda >>
Viral & community marketing
  • XTRMs member network also includes a social network for athletes, fans, sponsors and promoters to communicate with each other
  • Sponsors can get a dedicated community for fans & athletes to join
    - Check out Honda’s page >>
  • Extensions to the XTRM network throughout all top social networks
  • Contests
  • Award and promotional marketing

For information on any of our other advertising options, please contact our sales department
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